By Summer Aborashid

Most of horror fans are familiar with actor/director Angela Bettis for her turn as the titular, tragic homicidal wierdo in May, Lucky Mckee’s 2002 gem.

The role won her a cult following and her ability to imbue even the most painfully awkward characters with an undeniable likability that makes it impossible not to root for her even when she is getting stabby with the scissors makes Bettis a unique and welcome addition to the genre. She’s and oddbodkin and we love her!

Bettis has starred in a number of genre titles including the the 2002 TV remake of the Stephen King’s Carrie, playing the title role of Carrie White. She appeared in one of the best of the Masters of Horror episodes, Sick Girl, in which Bettis plays an unlucky in love entomologist who stumbles upon and equally awkward girl and the two fall in love despite the interference a big, hostile, nasty lookin’ bug. And headlined Tobe Hooper’s Tool box Murders (2004), among others.

But Bettis’ skills are not limited to being in front of  the camera, she is a film producer and director, as well. In 2006 she reunited with McKee for the film Roman, however in this case the two swapped places with McKee acting and Bettis behind the lens. The result was a moody, disturbing tale about tragedy driven by loneliness. It’s a great companion piece to May.

Yesterday it was announced that Bettis and McKee would be teaming up again, this time adding notorious horror writer Jack Ketchum to the mix with the  Ketchum penned, Offspring: The Woman. The film is sequel to 2009’s film Offspring, which is based on a novel by Ketchum. According Fangoria, “The story centers on the title character, the last member left alive of the savage cannibal clan that terrorized a Maine town (to be played by returning actress Pollyanna McIntosh). As she roams the woods, she is stalked by a local hunter and family man named Christopher Cleek, who believes he can capture and “civilize” her. Bettis will play Christopher’s wife Belle.”

Genre Cred: Bless the Child (2000), May (2002), Carrie (TV remake, 2002), Toolbox Murders (2003), The Circle (2005), Masters of Horror: Sick Girl (2006), The Woods (2006), Roman (Director, 2006), Scar (2007), Wicked Lake (2008), Tamora Gamble (In Production, 2010), Offspring: The Woman (In Development)