If you haven’t gotten the memo (or are my friend on Facebook) February is Women in Horror Month! Yep that’s right it’s time to celebrate the ladies and their myriad contributions to horror.

So to celebrate our new favorite holiday—that’s right move over Wookiee Life Day you have been usurped—we’re going to take a look at one woman every day of the month of February who has made a contribution to horror, and more specifically that has made an impact in the Zombie Grrlz love of the genre.

In the words of The Women in Horror Month founder (and my new favorite lady Hannah Neurotica) “a lot of Women love horror in very personal and passionate ways and are not wanting to be ‘Horror Babe of the Month.’ We are writers, directors, producers, artists, eery musicians, creepy doll makers, FX artists. We are audience!” So we Zombie Grrlz are aching to give our fellow “horror-oines” some some love!

You can offer your support by leaving comments about he women we profile, leaving us messages about the women you love and those who may have gone unrecognized for far too long on our voice mail 1 (678) 6-ZGRRLZ…. and most importantly by spreading the word!

To find out more about other events being held this month visit the Women in Horror Month’s event page to read about blood drives, film fests and more! And check out our friend Rhonny Reapers blog Dollar Bin Horror, as she profiles the Internet women of horror by profiling a Virtual Scream queen every day of the month.

Also, stay tuned for our interview with Hannah Neurotica, the founder of Women in Horror Month and the femme fatale behind the excellent Ax Wound zine, in episode 14 coming next week.

Viva la Spooky Ladies,
The Zombie Grrlz