In this episode we offer up  our list of our favorite genre flicks in 2009. Then we head waaaaay down und’a and talk kiwi horror with reviews of The Ugly and Dead Alive. In video game talk Randiskull and Rachel go medieval on the Dante’s Inferno demo, and to close out the show we have a Zombie Grrlz first, an interview!

If you haven’t already heard, February is Women in Horror Month, so you know us Zombie Grrlz are getting excited. We have lots of great things planned for Feb. but we’re getting an early start celebrating with an interview with a fellow female horror-ophile  Rhonny Reaper from Dollar Bin Horror!

Stay tuned for the outtakes for an exciting announcement about one of our podcasters, more inappropriate touching and some shameless listener love… that’s right, WE LOVE YOU!!!

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