I don’t care how butt-sore you are over Valve releasing Left 4 Dead 2 instead of DLC—one look at the swampy goodness unleashed at Comic-Con and there’s no way your thumbs wont be itching to blow away some zombie scum. Besides, you’re a whiny baby—get over it already!

And really, with this much rotting flesh just begging to be atomized, how can you not?

Check out the gallery below to luxuriate in the images of “Swamp Fever,” the second campaign out of five in the game to be revealed. This level takes place deep in the swamp where, from the looks of things, you’ll be taking on everything undead from  mudmen coming out of the—erm—mud, zombies literally hangin’ from the trees and be introduced to the hillbilly queen of the zombie nation: The Spitter, a new Special Infected. I don’t know what’s hotter, the prego belly or the pippy braids… HAWT!

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[Source: Joystiq]