I may live to regret putting this in writing…but here goes nothin’…I cannot wait for Jennifer’s Body to hit theaters.

Coming off Transformers 2 and all of the teeth grindingly ignorant comments Ms. Fox has made to the press recently, this movie had kind of fallen off my radar—on principle. But one peek at this red band trailer and my principles and moral outrage were out the door…I was in—hook, line and sucker. It looks like Night of the Demons, meets Prom Night II, meets Juno—with a meta twist. And best of all it looks like it’s going to be fun. Now maybe it’s just lingering jollies from the fabulousness of Drag Me To Hell but this may just have some potential 🙂

Here’s hopin’ but like I said I am probably going to regret putting this in writing… le sigh.

In the meantime please to enjoy…