This week Ariel and Rachel take listener Newty’s wise advice and tackle the kick-ass skin crawler, Splinter! (box cutter amputation.. yum!)

Randiskull gives up the goods from E3 and I go bonkers while he talks about his hands-on with God of War III (the lucky bastard) and thrills us with his description of the goretastic “zipper technology!”

Ariel and I go all fangrrl-on-crack over the Sam Raimi masterpiece (that’s right I said, “masterpiece”) Drag Me to Hell (swoon!) and I unleash the patented “Rachel Rage” and pwn all the horror fans who didn’t see it in the theater! Shame on you! For penance I sentence you to watch a triple feature of Pulse (the American remake), Twilight and Prom Night!

On a much happier note, we get some killer fan mail from our favorite veteran listeners and a few fabulous noobs! And are excited to give a shout-out to our newest podcast homies, Slackers Ate My Neighbors, lead by none other then the infamous Teen Idol! 🙂

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