So last night, after playing a little Resident Evil 5 (which by the way kicks so much ass I am getting foot pains) I logged on my computer to check my email one last time before heading off to tempurpedic heaven, when I saw that our lil ol podcast had a couple of new comments.

Much to my surprised fangrrl delight they were from the guys at my favorite horror podcast Dead Lantern’s Splattercast, and my new favorite raunchtastic popculture podcast The Real Sleepy cast … giving us props!

Needless to say we were super flattered!

Considering that we just got this thing up and running it was very cool and encouraging to get notes from two veteran podcasts, especially ones that we

Zombie Grrlz totally dig.

So we are returning the favor… The Zombie Grrlz commands you to go check out the’s Splattercast and’s The Real Sleepy cast, post haste!! Andele, andele, rapido rapido ?

Go give them love, because they clearly have great taste 😛


Zombie Grrl